Detailed syllabus and pattern of all IBPS exams

IBPS Exam detailed Pattern

1. Reasoning: The reasoning evaluates the candidate’s ability to think and answer. It includes the graphical questions as well as general brain teasing problems that require logical understanding, comparison skills, and an above-average knowledge in English language.


IBPS Clerk Reasoning example

Night is the considered as opposite to the Day so the related answer is Cruel.

The graphical reasoning questions will be asked with  problem and answer figures, and they are of three types; Analogies, Classification and Series. Analogy is defined as a logical judgment based on the fact that if objects agree in some respect they probably agree in others. Have a look at the images for a better understanding.

IBPS exam syllabus analogy

Much easy to identify the answer as 5 since in the problem figure the second square is darkened towards the right half.

Graphical reasoning  in Classification includes problem and answer figures in on single image.IBPS clerk syllabus classificationHere each object in the image is equally divided at the center by half expect for the 4th one in which on one side forms a triangle. So the answer we get from the classification is 4.

Similar to Analogies the Series set in the Graphical reasoning will have separate problem and answer figures. As the name says here you will see a serial arrangement of something from which you have to find the

Reasoning in series

Just analyze the progression of White and Black dots in the problem figure while moving from the first hexagon to the last one. When the White dot moves in the clockwise direction, a Black dot is being added to hexagon in anticlockwise. Now check the answer figure to find what happens if the White dot makes the 5th move? The answer is 3.

So that gives you an idea of the reasoning test in the IBPS exam syllabus.

2. English: The test in English obviously checks the IBPS participant’s proficiency in the language. It includes objective questions that test the grammar, vocabulary, knowledge in antonyms, synonyms and comprehension of a passage/sentence. For this section, we advise you to buy/download an English book that follows the workbook style. The syllabus indicates that there will be directions for each type of the English questions as given below.

IBPS English test syllabus

The question is a test of the knowledge in antonyms, and therefore, the answer is 3, Dull.

IBPS English synonyms

Pretty evident that here they ask for the synonym of Centenary, which is ” hundredth anniversary”.

Similarly, there will be questions on composing a relevant sentence with an appropriate word, that to be selected from the choices given.

IBPS English vocabulary

He needs to glance through the book in order to find what it says about the Indian economy, so the answer is 2.

IBPS English Test Grammar

The last question tests the grammatical aptitude of the IBPS job seeker. A direction is given to find the error in the sentence. The answer is 4 as the class teacher is singular.

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3. Numerical Ability: The numerical ability or understanding of basic mathematics is necessary for anyone who seeks a banking career. The examples given in the IBPS syllabus is rather simple to solve, but be prepared for a higher standard in the exam.

IBPS Syllabus numerical ability

1) six apples will cost 60 rupees. 2) The exact multiple will be 58204 as it is divisible with 4.

4. Quantitative Aptitude: We mentioned earlier that for IBPS PO, there will be QA test in place of the Numerical Ability. The pattern of the QA questions suggests simple to tough arithmetic operations, tricky problems that requires logical thinking and questions based on graphs, charts, objects, etc.

IBPS Quantitative Aptitude Pattern The answer is RS 7.82. Solve it :)

5. General Knowledge:  In this exam, more significance is given to the banking and financial knowledge. Refer the business column of the newspapers, relevant sections of yearbooks, Wikipedia, etc. to build your abilities for this test. IBPS often asks questions from topics like history of Banking, Insurance, Investment sectors, policies and regulations of RBI, and other economic prospects of India.

IBPS General Knowledge test

6: Computer Knowledge: The sample Computer/IT-related questions given in the IBPS information handout is comparatively easy for Clerk exam and PO CWE standards.

Computer Knowledge IBPS CWE

7. Professional Knowledge: IBPS insists the applicants to choose any one of two scales in the specialist cadre. It seems the difficulty of the Professional Knowledge exam depends on the scale that you’re applying to. As per the eligibility requirement in most of the cases, the Scale 2 officers require work experience, and therefore they are expected to have more knowledge in their respective fields.

IBPS Poffesional KnowledgeIBPS Specialist Officer Syllabus

Most of these questions are taken from the official IBPS information catalog for PO, Clerk and Specialist exam. Refer to the pattern/Syllabus of the CWE that you intend to appear, choose the right study aid for each section and get through all challenging topics. Best of Luck.


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