Banks taking IBPS score

The ensuing list presents the nineteen Indian public sector banks that are taking part in IBPS exam. Banks participating purposes to pick skilled and worthy persons to job openings in clerical, (PO)Probationary officer and specialist officer cadres in their firms, projected one full year after announcement of the score. IBPS substantially contracts the work load of these banks in preparing the exam, conducting and ranking candidates- now they only need to interview the shortlisted.

IBPS Exam participating banksMost of these banks have strong presence in every state of the country. Banks like Allahabad Bank and Andhra Bank have comparatively limited coverage outside their home states, still they’ve a long tradition and big business figures to the boast about.

Update: latest IBPS recruitments.

More than a hundred Regional Rural Banks in India uses the IBPS exam scores. The official list from ta recent IBPS RRB notification is given below.

IIBPS RRB score taking banks

Private banks like Federal Bank, Catholic Syrian Bank and a few other non-banking finance institutions have also started preferring IBPS qualified to various posts.

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