IBPS Exam’s computer knowledge questions papers solved

General assessment of the computer knowledge is a section of the IBPS exam syllabus, and it carries 50 marks in PO and Clerical CWE. Those who are opting for IT Officer scale 1, 2, and Technical Officer exams in the specialist cadre are also subjected to computer-related questions as a part of their professional knowledge examination. We got hold of a set of previous year’s IBPS question papers, and here we have prepared a quiz based testing system to share it with our readers. Hope you would find it useful.

Press on the ” Start Quiz ” button to begin solving the questions, answers are given in the same window and at the end of every exercise. Please refresh this page after completing each quiz.

Try this quiz based on previous year’s IBPS PO Exam.

In our analysis, we found that more than 80% Computer Knowledge questions asked in IBPS Clerk and PO exam are fairly simple for an engineer or someone with moderate experience in commonly used computer software, hardware and Internet technologies. A lot of questions were based on Microsoft’s office tools, mainly the Excel, PowerPoint and Word, and operation of Windows OS.

This is a quiz based on 2015’s IBPS PO Preliminary Exam

Eligibility conditions for IBPS exams insinuate the attendees to have a certified understanding in operation of the computers, and they may expect related questions during the interview session.

Want to know how the IBPS Clerk questions would be like? Attempt our quiz on last year’s IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam (2015)

We are not going to add separate quizzes for pre-IBPS bank exam question papers due to space limitation. Instead of that we will incorporate all those  computer knowledge questions from various competitive exams (from 2001) in the next exercise session in no specific order.

Try answering these questions taken from LD Clerk Exam 2014.

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