Demo of IBPS online examination process

Demo of IBPS online examination process

By now you might be acquainted with the fact that IBPS has shifted to an online exam process from this year onwards. The plan came into light when IBPS declared Clerk Exam 2013, and they’re likely to continue this internet-based examination for the upcoming PO, RRB and specialist recruitments. Since IBPS was conducting offline exams for the last 1-2 years, there is a confusion among the students regarding the new pattern. This post deeply elucidates the details of the IBPS online exam, and presents how you can take part in it.

IBPS Exam online test demo.


The screenshot produced below is taken from a web app that is designed to conduct online mock tests with a set of objective questions. We have put this for your understanding, and this may not be same that you would see at the IBPS examination center. Check for the official guidelines after the image.
IBPS online examination
More details about the online exam process:
Invigilator will collect your IBPS admit card at the exam center and after verification, you will be allotted a Computer with some sort of a login window on the desktop screen. You will also be supplied with a rough paper for doing calculations if required.

    • Login to the online exam engine using the user ID, and the password that IBPS has provided you.
    • Carefully read the general instructions for participating in the exam provided in the next window. Now check the tick-box and proceed to the exam by  clicking  I’m Ready button. Your time starts immediately after this.
    • There will be one question at a time, and you can switch between Hindi/English version of the question using the  View-In drop-down menu given there in the web page.
    • 200 questions have to be answered within 120 minutes. You can settle on one of the 5 choices given. Once you select an answer click Save&Next button to proceed to the following question. Press the Clear Response button to reset a question that you’ve already answered. Hit the Mark for Review & Next button option if you’re unsure about a solution and want to review the answer later. Please note that if you select “Mark for Review” option, no matter you correct it or not the existing answer will be carried for the final evaluation.
    • Quickly pick to answer or browse through the whole questions using the numbered list shown at the right-hand side as given above. After clicking a question it is normal for the  IBPS online exam engine to take some time to load it. The question numbers will be labeled with 4 colors for identification of their status.

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Green – Indicates that the question has been answered.
Red     – Visited the question page but not attempted.
White– Not visited nor answered.
Violet-Questions put under “Mark for Review” option.

  • Candidates are warned not to press any keyboard keys after starting with the exam as it may lock the exam.
  • Submit the answers only after  the exam duration (120 min), and handover the rough paper to IBPS authorized invigilator.

Due to the nature of the exam it is better not to browse through all questions at the beginning. Start from the first one; finish the topics you know, skip the unfamiliar to avoid negative marking, press the review button for difficult questions and do it at the end.
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